Kpop Girl Groups Have Absolutely Dominated 2020

Taking the Kpop music industry to the next level with innovative style, power vocals, and kick-ass choreography

Kpop girl group Everglow. Photo:

Groundbreaking Title Track Releases

Photo of Loona for “So What” promotions. Photo:

Loona: “So What” and “Why Not?”

Everglow in their Sin City outfits for “La Di Da” promotions. High ponytails all around. Photo:

Everglow: “La Di Da”

(g)-idle group shot from the “Oh my god” MV. Photo:

(g)-idle: “Oh my god”

“Oh my god” MV by (g)-idle. Source: YouTube.

Radical Concept Changes

Seulgi and Irene in the MV for “Monster.” Photo:

Red Velvet: Irene & Seulgi

Gfriend: “Apple”

Gfriend “Apple” MV. Source: YouTube.
Gfriend looking badass in their dark witchy outfits in the “Apple” MV. Photo:
Weki Meki promo image for “Cool.” Photo:

Weki Meki: “Cool”

Weki Meki “Cool” MV. Source:

The Consistent Level Up

Dreamcatcher in “Scream” promotions. Photo:


Dreamcatcher “Scream” MV. Source:
Dreamcatcher ending pose for “Boca.” Photo:
Mamamoo promo photo for “Dingga.” Photo:


Mamamoo “Aya” MV. Source:
Twice promo photo for “More and More.” Photo:


Twice “I Can’t Stop Me” MV. Source:
Everglow in the MV for “Dun Dun.” Photo:

Overall Trends

Extreme badassery

Mamamoo promo still for “Aya.” Photo:

More mature vocal sound

Dreamcatcher “Boca” live performance: Source:


Loona “So What” opening choreography. Source:


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