Kpop Girl Groups Have Absolutely Dominated 2020

Taking the Kpop music industry to the next level with innovative style, power vocals, and kick-ass choreography

Kpop girl group Everglow. Photo:

Groundbreaking Title Track Releases

The girl groups have dropped certified title track gold in the Kpop industry in 2020. Some have a history of such releases, and for others, it was a completely new and sometimes unexpected opportunity. But they’ve all been absolutely amazing.

Photo of Loona for “So What” promotions. Photo:

Loona: “So What” and “Why Not?”

We started off the year with Loona’s “So What,” which was so good that I wrote an entire article about it.

Everglow in their Sin City outfits for “La Di Da” promotions. High ponytails all around. Photo:

Everglow: “La Di Da”

I think Everglow is a group that everyone has been rooting for in 2020. They started the year with their title track “DUN DUN” and the accompanying Reminiscence EP. They established their sound as hard-hitting dance-pop with almost fan-chant like shouting parts that more and more groups seem to be favoring. The comeback was well received and established Everglow as a real player in the Kpop scene — after only debuting in March of 2019!

(g)-idle group shot from the “Oh my god” MV. Photo:

(g)-idle: “Oh my god”

“Oh my god” was one of the first major releases this year, and it was truly a stunner. In their short career, (g)-idle has yet to really stick to one style, but this even seemed like a departure for them.

“Oh my god” MV by (g)-idle. Source: YouTube.

Radical Concept Changes

2020 also saw the girls change things up — from sound to style to concept — in a big way. This often comes as quite the risky move on their part, since it’s easy to continue with a similar sound to what first made a group successful and ride that train as long as possible in an overcrowded industry.

Seulgi and Irene in the MV for “Monster.” Photo:

Red Velvet: Irene & Seulgi

After main vocalist Wendy’s unfortunate accident at the end of last year leaving her severely injured, it looked like the high-speed train that Red Velvet was riding to the peak of industry fame would slow down significantly.

Gfriend: “Apple”

Gfriend’s comeback with “Apple” came as a serious, and welcome, left turn for the image of the group. With their earlier releases like “Glass Bead” and “Rough,” they were firmly put in the “cute” and “innocent” categories, even while they aced complicated choreographies and vocals.

Gfriend “Apple” MV. Source: YouTube.
Gfriend looking badass in their dark witchy outfits in the “Apple” MV. Photo:
Weki Meki promo image for “Cool.” Photo:

Weki Meki: “Cool”

To be completely honest, I had absolutely no idea who Weki Meki was until I watched the MV for “Cool.” With previous title tracks like “Oopsy” and “Picky Picky,” I (wrongfully!) skipped them altogether.

Weki Meki “Cool” MV. Source:

The Consistent Level Up

And then there are some groups that just always bring fire tracks, comebacks, albums, everything — and they didn’t allow 2020 to deter them in the slightest. These are some of the girl groups I love watching consistently top themselves with every new release.

Dreamcatcher in “Scream” promotions. Photo:


As any of their fans will tell you, Dreamcatcher is so underrated it should be illegal. They are the only group — male or female — combining electronic pop with a heavier rock/alternative sound (and often a fantasy, anime-inspired look), and it works for them beautifully.

Dreamcatcher “Scream” MV. Source:
Dreamcatcher ending pose for “Boca.” Photo:
Mamamoo promo photo for “Dingga.” Photo:


I mean what can I even say about Mamamoo at this point that hasn’t already been said — they’re just the best, and they’re only getting better.

Mamamoo “Aya” MV. Source:
Twice promo photo for “More and More.” Photo:


Twice is not a group I thought I would be adding to this list — truthfully I’m still not that familiar with “the nation’s girl group.”

Twice “I Can’t Stop Me” MV. Source:
Everglow in the MV for “Dun Dun.” Photo:

Overall Trends

It’s always fun to look at the general industry trends in a given year, and 2020 has given us some welcome switch-ups in that sense (not so much in, you know, everything else). These were some of the most prevalent trends for girl groups throughout the year.

Extreme badassery

Move over “cute concept,” the “badass concept” is here to slay. I’m not sure if it’s the times, or audiences are finally just getting bored of the cute thing, but many girl groups have chosen an edgier, grittier theme for this year. I can only speak for myself, but this change definitely works for me.

Mamamoo promo still for “Aya.” Photo:

More mature vocal sound

There are precious few girl groups that start out with mature vocal abilities (read: just Mamamoo), typically favoring sweet, high-pitched, bubblegum vocals with maybe one or two standout voices in a group.

Dreamcatcher “Boca” live performance: Source:


Have I mentioned that the girls have completely owned 2020? By far the most exciting thing to watch with these groups this year is seeing them step into their power and absolutely own their talents, performances, and whole selves.

Loona “So What” opening choreography. Source:


If you’re a Kpop fan, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now the groups I didn’t include on this list: Blackpink, Itzy, Apink, Oh my girl, EXID, and more, not to mention the soloists that have also absolutely killed it this year (Chungha! Sunmi! CL!). No shade to them! I just had to narrow it down to the comebacks and concepts that stood out to me most this year, and I can’t fit everyone in this already 15-minute long article.

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