Wow — this is an amazing article. I’m going to save this and show it to people for future reference. I have had my own share of health issues (technical diagnosis is Ulcerative Colitis since I was 14, now with Lyme and some other related issues). After being on medication for several years, it stopped working for me and sent my health into a tailspin. I’m now at the point where the medical system has completely failed me and I’ve chosen to go the alternative route. I am still paying off medical bills from over a year ago due to infusions I got that did not work, on top of my alternative treatments, supplements, etc. While I was very sick last year I could not work, and the stress of those bills and money was overwhelming, even though I live at home. I can’t imagine what it would be like for someone to go through that and have to worry about living expenses. Thank you for sharing yours and your grandma’s experience. I’m doing much better now too by the way; so glad you are living and working again too!

I am curious — is there a growing “alternative” health care space in Norway as there is in the US? So many people are turning away from traditional medicine now because it either can’t help them or they don’t want the side effects of drugs and control of drug companies (both for me). Curious to know what that might be like in a country with socialized medicine.

Thanks for writing!

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